Take the stress out of buying your dream home.


Take the stress out of buying your dream home.


Take the stress out of buying your dream home.

Faster approvals

​We’re headquartered in Oshawa and our experts have their own lending limits, making your mortgage approval much faster.

​​Stress-free assessment

We’re provincially regulated, so we can take into account all aspects of your mortgage application before making any decisions.

​​Your best interest at heart

We’ll never push a mortgage that’s not right for you. In fact, we’ll actively look for ways to improve your chances of getting the best deal.

​You don’t have to fit into a box to get a mortgage with us. 

5 Year  high ratio mortgage rate offer is available for a limited time.   Ask us how you can qualify for a 1.89%*mortgage on your first home.  

*T&C apply

​Renewing or switching

Renew or transfer your mortgage to Pathwise with ease. Our experts will take care of all the details for you.

Buying your first home

Get guidance throughout the process, from providing the right documents to selecting the best team to support you.

Buying another home

Refresh your know-how and learn all about what to expect when buying a vacation property or your second home. 


You sold your house in this hot housing market but don't want to buy another one just yet.  Invest the money while you find your new dream home.

​Want to buy an investment property?

We qualify your investment mortgage application based on all factors, not just your personal situation. 

Find the right type of mortgage for you

​Get your full mortgage picture

Use our handy calculator to see how much mortgage you can afford and the type of mortgage that’s right for you. 

​Join our community