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A New Banking System is Coming

​We are upgrading our banking system early next year. 

This system is more efficient, flexible and has more cutting-edge technology that is going to make your banking with us easier and even more secure.  

Our team has been preparing for this change all year, so that this new banking system changeover will be as smooth as possible when it launches.

We’ll keep you updated as we progress with the new system and share further information with you on the changes that will affect you through this landing page, in branch material and social media.We appreciate your support and are looking forward to helping you on your path to financial success. 

​What is a banking system and why is it changing?

A banking system is the internal software that we use to manage your daily transactions. 

We are upgrading to an entirely different system with new and better features.  While our current system worked well in the past, the new system will have more features to serve you better.  Staff will find the system efficient and easier to use. Members will gain access to new and in-demand services while adding additional safeguards to an already secure system.

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