Instructions for getting ready for our banking system modernization

​These items will require your attention

After we launch - March 29th

If you need help with updating your passcode, join us for our daily Lunch & Learn sessions during the week of March 29- April 1st at noon.

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Everyday from Monday March 29th to Thursday April 1st from 12pm -1pm

​Here are other changes you'll notice right away, but will not require any action from you:

  • New member numbers for some members. i.e. if you hold a joint account each person will now have you’re your own number.
  • Merging of some account types due to collapsing of some Pathwise products.
  • Member statements will reflect any changes to member numbers and account types.
  • New technology in the branches to improve efficiency and reduce waste, i.e. ID scanning, electronic signatures and E-Receipts for banking transactions.
  • ATM bill payments are no longer compatible with the new technology. Bill payment will still be available online, on our mobile app, by telephone or in person.
  • Certified Cheques are no longer compatible with the new technology. Two alternative solutions are available to our members.  1. Official Pathwise Cheques or 2. Money Orders.

While not all these changes will impact you, some critical updates are required for all members. Your patience during this time is appreciated.   

If you experience difficulties logging into online banking using the instructions provided contact us for assistance:

Please note we are expecting up to 10 times our call volume during the first few weeks of the conversion. We have increased our call centre team, but delays are expected. 

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